Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Ways To Regrow Your Hair: The Real How-To Guide for the Hair Loss Sufferer

There are thousands of products available to treat hair loss and every single one of them claim to be the best. It can be a daunting task for anyone suffering from male-pattern baldness to research what will work best for them to keep the hair they have and regrow hair they have lost. With this list, I’m going to cut through the hype and lies to present the 5 proven methods that regrow hair.
1. Block DHT -
DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the root cause of male-pattern baldness. This potent derivative of testosterone binds to the receptor sites in hair follicles. Over time the DHT binding with these vulnerable receptors in the follicle slowly choke the follicle’s ability to produces healthy hairs.
To effectively combat hair loss you have to attack it at its source. There is currently only one DHT-inhibitor that is FDA-approved for the treatment of male-pattern baldness: Propecia. Avodart is another, more potent, DHT inhibitor that is available, however it is not approved for the treatment of MPB.
To find out which DHT inhibitor is right for you see the article, “Propecia vs. Avodart: Which Internal DHT Inhibitor Should You Choose?
2. Stimulate Hair Growth -
The only other medication FDA-approved for the treatment of male-pattern baldness other than Propecia is minoxidil (Rogaine).
Minoxidil is available in stores in two strengths: 2% and 5%. The 2% concentration is marketed as “regular strength” while the 5% is touted as “extra strength.” The 2% concentration is also available for use by women. There are other companies that distribute concentrations as high as 15%.
Minoxidil is a lotion that is applied directly to the scalp twice per day. The user must continue applying the treatment for an indefinite amount of time, or as long as he wishes to keep the hair that is grown by minoxidil. The application process is fairly simple. The standard amount in each bottle is 60 mL of fluid. The suggested application is 1 mL to the area twice daily, so one bottle equates to 30 days of minoxidil. The lotion is applied by a dropper to the scalp and is rubbed into the scalp.

It is generally accepted (and advertised on Rogaine boxes and literature) that minoxidil can start growing new hair in about four months. Users can experience growth a little sooner and a little later than the advertised four months, however.

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Beauty Tips - Face Pack for Instant Glowing Skin

मसूर की दाल का पावडर + दूध (३ चम्मच) + नींबू का रस (२-३ चम्मच)
मसूर चेहरे से धुल की परत हटती है.
दूध खाल को पोषण देता है .
नींबू ब्लीचिंग एजेंट का काम करता है. 

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Pearl is an anti-aging agent for long, healthy, active life


Product Code166
Package90 Vege Capsules / 800 mg each
Serving Size
Adults take 1 capsule 2 or 3 times a day. Children above 8 take half the dose. Adjust the dose as per requirement. Use for a long period of time for progressive and long lasting results.


Pearl Calcium

Ayurvedic Rasyana

Rasayanas in Ayurveda is to nourish the blood, muscles, lymphs, nerves, brain, heart and lungs.
As an anti-aging agent for long, healthy, active life. A unique calcium and body tonic.
Supports healthy heart, eyes, skin, bones, liver, sexual organs, blood and energy circulation.
Revitalizes body and optimizes body functions.
Helps to lower the fast aging process and promotes well being. Pearl powder revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth. This traditional method of making calcium in ayurveda is different and superior to any chemical formulation.
Calcined Calcium as per Ayurvedic (science of life) theory is 40% lighter than other forms of calcium. This calcium has self assimilation qualities and gets absorbed with relatively high efficiency in our body. Ayurvedic Pearl calcium is the best calcium in the world.
Pearl - Sanskrit Name: Mukta (Mytilus margaritiferus or Pinctada margaritifera)
Source: Found in general molluscs inhabitating shallow seas and sandy banks.


Pearl mussel has nearly a semi circular cell, greenish in color and ornamented with the most beautiful nacre within. The nacre is employed in the arts and the fine pearls are produced from the extravasations of the nacre.Pearl is a valuable source of calcium and also contains traces of magnesium, zinc, strontium and selenium which aid in supplementing skin, bones, nails and teeth. It also contains 20-22 amino acids which are the building blocks of every living organism.
Varieties and Grading: Basically, there are two types of pearls viz. natural and cultivated. Natural pearls are much more expensive and much superior than cultivated pearls. The natural pearls used in herbalism are very small. The smaller pearls are more potent and effective. Some pearls are not much larger than a grain of salt. These very small pearls, which are softer, can be easily crushed and ground into very fine powder, which can be absorbed with relatively high efficiency by the digestive tract. Pearl can be fed to the skin both through external application and by taking as a supplement.
Contraindications: None Pearl is extremely safe. Safety studies on pearls have shown them to be absolutely harmless. It can be taken by anybody for the course of a lifetime without negative side effects.

Calcination (preparation of Mukta Bhasma)

Method of Purification: In medicinal purification the objects aimed at are:
Elimination of harmful matter
Modification of undesirable physical properties
Conversion of some of the characteristics
The enhancement of the therapeutic action and potentizing the material, known as "Sodhana" in Ayurveda.
In Ayurveda, Pearls are purified by boiling in the juice of Sesvania Aculeata (jianti) leaves for two to three hours. After purification, pearls are placed in earthen crucible, by adding Aloe Vera gel, covered with another earthen shallow plate, with the edges sealed with clay simmered cloth in seven consecutive layers, and dried. A pit is dug in an open space according to the required diameter, half the pit is filled with cow dung cakes and the sealed earthen crucible is placed over it and the remaining space is filled with more cow dung cakes. Fire is put on all four sides and the middle of the pit. When the burning is over, it is allowed to cool completely. The earthen container is removed, the seal is opened and the contents are taken out. These calcined pearls are grounded into a fine powder by adding more Aloe Vera gel and the above process is repeated again. This is known as pearl calcined powder (Mukta Bhasma).
Note: Calcined Calcium, as per Ayurvedic (science of life) theory, is 40% lighter than other forms of calcium and has self-assimilation qualities and gets absorbed with relatively high efficiency in our body.
Ayurvedic Pearl Calcium is the best calcium in the world.

Method of herbal process for multi natural nutritional properties

Once the calcination is complete, to enhance the multi dimensional properties of Pearl calcined powder (Mukta Bhasma), it is further triturated with the decoctions of herbs [it means that instead of mixing other ingredients, liquid extract of the same is put in a kharal (pistil mortar) and rubbed till it dries up]. The pearl again transforms into dry powder [this method is known in Ayurveda as Bhawana. This is the same method, which is applied to reduce all the metals in Ayurveda. In metals the powder is made into small round tikkies (pellets) for further calcination They carry the dry mass of the same herb. One by one with the extract of other herbs, the process is repeated. This process reduces the molecules of powder into smaller sizes (atoms), which is more effective due to increased solubility. (Usually fresh juice of herbs is taken in equal parts to the quantity of powder to be trituated.) Otherwise dry powder, 1/5 quantity is boiled with 8 times of water, boiled to half and filtered. The filtered solution is then taken and further processed with fresh juice of many herbs to raise its nutritional properties.
These herbs with details mentioned below
This traditional method of making calcium from pearls, in Ayurveda, is different and superior to any chemical formulation.


The powder is highly stimulant, tonic and aphrodisiac. As per Ayurveda, the other medical virtues, described to Pearl, are laxative, sedative, emetic and nutritive. The powder is used in heartburn and bilious affections. Pearl powder is useful in cough, phthisis and asthma, given twice a day with honey. Its chief use is in low fevers giving rise to burning sensation in the eyes, palms and soles. It reduces the yellowish tinge in the conjunctivae and in the urine due to low fever and checks the burning during micturition. It is also used as a cerebral tonic in nervous diseases like chronic headache, epilepsy and other convulsive attacks. It is used in piles, leucorrhoea, spermatorrhea and impotence. The powder is one of the ingredients in numerous Indian preparations used for potency, heart problems and consumption. Pearl powder is a rich source of calcium with self assimilation properties. All the illnesses due to calcium deficiency are easily covered by it. It is very useful for the eyes as it keeps the mind cool, blood pressure within the normal limits, digestive system in perfect order and improves vision.
Pearl powder is a natural moisturizer. It contains proteins, which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides, which strengthen the muscles and enhance the metabolism.
Softens and cools the liver. Promotes healing and generates flesh. Has been known too slow down the process and signs of skin aging. Promotes smooth flow of blood and energy circulation. Calms and centers the mind.
Pearl is a valuable mineral source (calcium, magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium) which Aids in supplementing skin and bones.
Contains dozens of amino acids that are necessary for maintaining health including the eight that cannot be produced by the body.
Promotes the activities of important natural antioxidant enzyme SOD which aides in the prevention of development of melanin, the main cause of freckles, dark patches and blemishes on the skin including pimples and boils.
Aids in the regeneration of skin cells which contribute to healthy, smooth and lustrous skin.

Other Uses

Detoxify the system
Clean and clear the skin
Remove age and other spots on the skin
Give the skin a younger appearance
Adjust the body energy
Relieve stress from the mind
Treat sore throat
Adjust the nervous system
Regulate the metabolism
Improve eyesight
Treat insomnia
Energize the body
Anti-aging agent for long, healthy, active life.
A unique natural calcium support for healthy bones and body tonic.
Support a healthy heart, eyes, skin, bones, liver, sexual organs, blood and energy circulation.
When pregnant women and breast feeding women consume Pearl Powder, it is believed to speed up bone development and promote intelligence in babies.
When used topically, it is famous for keeping skin smooth, soft and lustrous. Pearl powder revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth.

TRI-DOSHAR ( three humors)

There are three categories of herbs available in this formulation Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). Shamak (destroyer) herbs, which deal with imbalance of Tri-doshas (three humors). This formulation brings Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) in balance with each other and also it is a very good Rasayana (old age diminishing) formulation.
Tri-doshas ( three humors): Balancing of Tridosha (three humors) literally means air, fire, water in the balanced state in the body as per Ayurvedic theory of doshas (humors) (Indian herbal system).

Ayurvedic Herbs

1. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Reduces spontaneous motor activity, reduces fighting response, persistent fall BP increased rate and force of contraction of heart, reputed brain tonic improve memory. This is Tridosha ( three humors) har, helps in growth of hairs, tones brain and a nervine vitalizer. Anti- leprotic, sleeplessness is cured, tonic to heart, helps in execration of urine. Mr. Ensaley says " This is very good remedy of Haemetemesias in urine micturation by its diuretic effect, it cures pyogenic infections. In females it promotes conceiving power and controls tendency to abort and uterine weakness. Tones uterus saves fetus.

2. Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus)

Decoction of root: properties due to amalyse and lipase activity (enhances the bile and liver functioning), adaptogen, antistress, antitumor, antipasmodic, aphrodisiac, immuno-stimulant, equally effective in diabetes, oxytocic, demulcent, soothes the stomach and peptic ulcers. Keeps the blood pressure with in normal limits, cool in nature (soothing), Memory enhancer, it helps in enhancing production of seman (Vazikaran Rasayan), helps in nourishing foetus, (galactagogue) enhances the milk production in nursing women, has a diuretic effect, abortion tendency, Menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding) and good for tuberculos patient, effective in curing the weakness of eyes. In women it improves the weight of memory glands. (Vatta (air) and Pitta (fire) Shamak)

3. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)

(Punarnava means it provides new life- revives life) fresh juice of root is taken : (rich source of potassium , iron , magnesium and oxalic acid ) diuretic and anti -inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxic (removes toxins from the liver), anabolic, antistress and adaptogen, hypotensive, in oedema , useful in nephrotic syndrome (enhances kidney functioning), in geriatrics (Balances tridosahas Vatta (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) due to its diuretic effect), it deals with the edema of upper and lower limbs (by excreting excessive fluid present in the upper and lower limbs). In-spite of its diuretic effect dehydration does not occur as it contains potassium and magnesium supplements.

4. Amla (Emblica officinalis)

A rich source of Gallic acid, tannic acid, albumin cellulose, calcium etc and a extremely rich source of natural vitamin C (that is Vitamin C is present 20 times more than orange juice. It helps in balancing Tridoshas ( three humors)as it itself Pitta (fire) Shamak, reduces burning senstaion and gives soothing effect, improves eye sight, nourishes hair growth. Fresh juice of fruit is used : adaptogen , antibacterial , antiemetic , antisposmodic (in respiratory diseases) , in hyperacidity , in liver disorders , tonic, natural source of Vitamin -C improves skin lustre , tonic to heart.

5. Ela (Cardamom)

This is Tridosha ( three humors) herb. Mouth freshener, controls thirst and indigestion, heart toner, powerful aromatic , cardiac stimulant , carminative, stomachic, and diuretic, expel-wind .checks nausea, vomiting and headache.

6. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

Juice of fresh leaves : antibacterial, antifungal and antitubercular, antistress, hypotensive, anti asthamatic , anti-inflammatory and -asthmatic, for peptic ulcer, colitis, liver disorders, adaptogen, expectorant, antipyretic , stimulating expectorant , in stomach and gastric disorders. This is Kapha (water) vatta (air)  shamak, helps to overcome the feelings of excessive heat (Fever). It increases Pitta (fire) and a strong anti - cancerous property.

7. Kutki (Picorrhiza Kurroa)

Used for ineffective and viral hepatitis immunostimulant, adaptogenic, for bronchial asthma, diuretic, laxative and skin infections. Anti -inflammatory (deep seated inflammation of tissues). It protect the body from viral diseases by its anti viral effect, improves the working of liver which ultimately improves the digestion and absorption of other ingredients.

8. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)

Fresh juice adaptogen , antiallergy , bronchodilator , antibacterial , antifungal , antiprotozoal, antidiabetic, antirheumatic, anti - inflammatory , in liver disorders , in hyperacidity , in urinary disorders , tonic and immunostimulant. It is known as Amrita in Ayurveda, which literally means that by eating this herb one will remain young, and disease free through out his life. Tridosha (three humors) shamak (balances all Vatta (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water)). It reduces the excessive feverish feeling. Improves muscular skeleton system and enhances growth.

9. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Kapha (water), Vatta (air) shamak increase Pitta (fire), used antiarthritic and anti- inflammatory , antitumour, antipeptic ulcer, anti-stress, adaptogen, aphrodisiac, growth promoter, immunostimulent, nervine, sedative and anxiolytic. Almost all are adaptogenic tonic, and immunostimulants, overcomes uterine colic, has got diuretic effect and growth promoter. It is somewhat heavy food to digest.

10. Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris)

This is Vatta (air) pitta (fire) shamak; it helps in renal coilc reducing pain by its diuretic effect and by dissolving original stones. It clean and clear urino gentio system, contains potassium in adequate form. Helps in reducing inflammation of heart and kidneys, fruit is used. It is a strong vajikaran Rasayan (sex power enhancer), and promotes retention of ejaculation. It activates working of supera reneal glands and enhances the production of semen. Its diuretic property is due to its Kapha (water) nature.

11. Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia)

Rubia cardifolia root Alterative, diuretic, emmenagouge; astringent; antiseptic; pigment stimulatory colouring agent, liver and spleen disorders; in rickets due to calcium and delayed bone consolidation, excellent Blood purifier.

12. Vidhara beej (Argyreia specaosa)

This is the herb, which diminishes the old age and its ailments. Kapha (water) vatta (air) Shamak, brain and heart tonic and nervine tonic, enhances the production of semen, diminishes uterine inflammation, it improves intellect, strengthens body and prevents effect of age, youth enhancer.

13. Ipomoea digilata (Biadarikand)

14. Rose petals

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.
Vegetarian capsules are cellulose based capsule shells that are used to encapsulate the material. Vegetarian capsules are made from a substance called HPMC, which stands for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (often shortened to hypromellose). This contains no animal matter (unlike gelatin capsules) and is suitable for all.
One of the benefits of having capsules is that capsules have a consistent disintegration time, typically less than 30 minutes i.e. the capsule shell takes about 30 minutes to disintegrate once it has been eaten. Another benefit of taking capsules is that the capsule shell offers excellent protection for oxygen sensitive ingredients so capsulated supplements will stay fresher longer.
Note: We do not add gluten, soy, milk wheat, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, preservatives, colors, artificial ingredients, binders, flavours, silica, lactose, malt, dextrin, stearates, titanium dioxide etc. in capsules.
Extracts are prepared either with water or according to the solubility of active principle of the herb. We extract each herb according to its own unique physical and biochemical characteristics. We dry the extracts with the micronized powder of the same herb. This increases the strength of the extract and the extracts get easier to dry. Less chances to take moisture from air. We do not add any additive.
This attention to detail produces a finished extract that optimally represents the herb from which it is made. Our extracts are very rich in the aroma, taste and contain bioactive compounds of the original herbs themselves. They are easily and optimally absorbed and assimilated by the body, and therefore their health-promoting effects are promptly felt.
High Quality extracts and wild crafted herb from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives.
Quality, Purity is assured.
GMP & ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility.
Note: Color, Taste, Aroma of the product may change from batch to batch.
Source : http://www.satveda.com/pearl-calcium.html

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Uses of Essential Rosewater

A close friend asked me to post about Rose water & it's benefits - so here goes. Rose water is a staple in Lebanon. It's a must in the house whether to be used for baking or as home remedies for skin irritations & more.Rose water is a by-product of Rose Oil. During the preparation of Rose essential oil, a distillation process is used & the oil is separated from the water - making both a Rose Oil & Rose Water. Both the rose oil & the rose water contain a beautiful scent & natural healing properties. Rose water contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins; one vitamin that is highly available in rose water is Vitamin C (a must in everyone's diet). Vitamin A can also be found in rose water, as well as antioxidants - such asflavonoids (Quercetin - allergy suppressant, gallic acid, malic acid, citronellol geraniol and more.Rose is a natural astringent (contracts tissues and canals of body, diminishes blood or mucus discharge) with anti-inflammatory properties. It has hydrating & rejuvenating affects on the skin.
Please note that these benefits are only found in genuine natural rose water - some manufacturers produce synthetic rose water which have no therapeutic value. It is important you obtain the right product to see results
Astringent -Contracts tissues -Diminishes blood/mucus discharge Relieve Eye Irritation & Infection
  • Applied by cotton swab, dab eye lid & around the eye area to relieve eye irritation
  • Also helps reduce puss due to conjunctivitis or bacterial infections of the eye. Antiseptic.
  • Apply throughout the day, especially before bed and after waking up.
  • Anti-inflammatory
Facial Toner
  • Helps absorb excess Oils
  • Helps in controlling Acne
Diminish Wrinkles & Pores
  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
Soothes Headaches
  • Dab on temples and eye area to ward off or soothe headaches.
Reduces Skin Redness
  • Diminishes the redness caused by enlarged capillaries.
  • May help reduce or stop bleeding in minor cuts & wounds
  • Cleanses cuts & wounds
Aperient -Laxative -Purgative Constipation
  • Helps in relieving constipation & gas
Carminative -Relieves FlatulenceGas / Flatulence
  • Helps in relieving constipation & gas
Refrigerant -Cooling effectAfter Shave
  • Reduces irritation after shaving
Hives Rashes Chicken Pox Eczema
  • Mixed with Corn Starch - Reduces Irritation & diminishes Itch
Sunburn Soother
  • Soothes & cools sunburned skin
  • slightly disinfects skin to help in preventing infection & irritation
Cardiac Tonic -Stimulates & Strengthens Heart MetabolismHeart Health
  • Aids in Circulation
  • used in treatments for heart disease
  • Anti-inflammatory
Other Properties Make-up Setting Spray
  • Add it to spray bottle
  • Spritz lightly over your face.
  • It will set your makeup and gave you a dewy finish for hours.
Body Mist
  • Add it to spray bottle
  • Spritz lightly.
  • (Add a couple drops of Rose oil to enhance smell)
  • Add to shampoos to give refreshing smell & help soften & condition hair.
  • Pour over head while showering - can reduce inflammation of the scalp,
  • Can increasing blood supply to the scalp and promotes hair growth.
Natural Cleanser
  • With the addition of a few drops of Rose Oil, you could make a natural cleanser.
Make-up Remover
  • With a cotton swab, you could use Rose water as a make-up remover.
  • apply in a circular motion (take note not to press hard, so as to not irritate the skin)
Balances skin pH
  • Helps in controlling dry & oily skin
  • Soothes dermatitis conditions ie. eczema
Hot Bath
  • Add to a hot bath for relaxation help
  • Helps in trapping moisture - making skin smooth & firm
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Improve your mood
  • Reduces stress and depression
Emotional & Psychological
  • Mild sedative and anti-depressant
  • Improves Mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves Nervous tension
Air Freshener
  • Just as a body mist, this natural remedy can be used on both the body & in the home.
  • Spritz Rose water (with a few drops Rose oil) for a refreshing scent
  • Rose water is used in many desserts & baking recipes.
  • Some use it as a substitute for vanilla extract

Uses of Essential Rosewater
By Lucille Verrier, eHow ContributorRosewater has become well known for its versatility.
Rosewater, also known as "rose hydrosol," is used extensively for its wide range of properties, including flavoring, aromatic, therapeutic and ceremonial. It was also used by upper classes of the past. According to Aromaticamedica.com, "As a further reminder of her love to Mark Anthony, Cleopatra had the sails of her ships soaked in rosewater so that the scent of the rose on the breeze alerted her lover of her impending arrival -- well before she could be seen."

Read more: Uses of Essential Rosewater | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7563617_uses-essential-rosewater.html#ixzz28DKgXBlr

  • Due to its distinctive flavor, rosewater is used in a variety of traditional recipes in the Middle East, India, Indonesia and Western Europe. This includes such dishes as puddings, custards, cakes, scones, candy, ice cream, syrups, mousses, rice, cookies, turnovers, jellies, fancy desserts and fondues. It is used in drinks and as a non-alcoholic alternative to wine. A 2004 issue of the "Saudi Aramco World" reported that "Rose water offers a way to refine the socially ubiquitous glass of tea, and it is now often offered as a healthful caffeine-free 'white coffee.' "
  • Mixing rosewater into an unscented moisturizing cream or oil creates a luxurious rose-scented massage. Spraying rosewater on bed linens, on a yoga mat, in a room, or directly onto skin and hair adds an infusion of its sweet fragrance. Use a bottle with a nozzle that provides a fine mist to maximize the effect. Add it to bath water to enhance the experience of relaxation. Dab it onto the skin as a light perfume. Instead of plain water, rosewater may be used to add its particular aroma to anything, including laundry water as did the Elizabethans. Cleopatra was known to use it as an aphrodisiac.
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  • Rosewater has been prized for centuries as a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial solution. It is used to prevent and treat eye infections as an eyewash. It can also reduce the effects of such skin conditions as acne, wrinkles, redness and puffiness. Apply rosewater by itself as a moisturizer to hydrate dry skin and lips, to soothe sunburned skin, and to relieve such skin irritations as insect bites. It can restore the natural luster of nails and hair, and brighten a dull complexion. It is also beneficial when used in aromatherapy. Rosemagazine.com reports that it "offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional /psychological state of mind. It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant."
  • Rosewater is prominently featured in certain cultural ceremonies and traditions. At the end of a Muslim wedding banquet, the hands and faces of guests are sprinkled with rosewater using special hand-held sprinkler bottles. It is also used to greet guests and as a body cleanser before praying. IndiaDivine.org states that "Throughout history rose water has been widely used to purify and cleanse places of worship" and indicates that the Taj Mahal is no exception. Rosewater is also a fundamental ingredient in love potions and amulets.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hair Growing Secrets


Wouldn't You Love to Have a Glowing Head of Hair That Would Turn Every Man's Head for a Long Admiring Glance and Freeze Other Women in Their Tracks with Envy? Then You Need to Read This Short Message!
Mira, a newly discovered ancient hair growing formula, gets your hair to grow as nature intended !
Plus it ensures you will never have a bad hair day by stimulating the growth of strong, thick, silky hair that will get you noticed wherever you go! Now you can say goodbye to fine, limp, brittle hair forever and instantly get thick, voluminous hair! This hair oil does it all in one single 2 minute application.
Miracle Hair Oil of the Elite Beauties! A Rare, Ancient Beauty Secret Can Now Be Yours! Risk-Free and 100% Guaranteed!
Best part: It works with oily, dry or normal hair, whether you have wavy, kinky, straight, fine, thick, medium, permed, chemically-treated or curly hair!

Discover the ancient hair growing secrets of the women who have the longest, most beautiful hair in the world, even in scalding 110 degree heat and blasting 90 % humidity!

Now you too can use their secrets to grow longer, silkier, thicker and more manageable hair.

Plus: These secrets will also stop dandruff dead in its tracks, banish psoriases, eliminate any itching of your scalp, put a dead stop to premature graying hair and stop hair loss! And it even goes a step further, giving you soft, manageable, gorgeous hair allowing you to instantly eliminate knots, split ends and annoying flyaways without having to spend hours trying to fix your hair!

Shameless over promising? Not at all!

Hello ladies, my name is Eva,
I am a 35 year old, single, career woman. I have a busy life, and I try to keep in shape by going to the gym 2-3 times a week and eating right but a life-long frustration of mine has been my hair! It seems I have the slowest growing and most unmanageable hair possible!

My hair is fine and straight, and it is a nightmare to do anything with it! In fact, a few years ago I felt my hair was thinning and falling out, and I could see signs of graying. This scared the living day lights out of me! I do not want to look old (at least not yet)! 
...and talk about having knotty, tangled hair that would just not corporate even when I applied leave-in conditioner and hot oil on it!

It just drove me insane with frustration. So I went on a rampage trying to find a product that could actually help my hair. My hairstylist recommended a few products on the market, but nothing really seemed to work. Of the few that did work, the results were temporary at best and disappeared the moment I stopped using the product.

I tried shampoos that said they would grow my hair, products like Rogaine and Procepia (hair growth formulas), but nothing worked! And to add insult to injury, I got a host of side effects including psoriasis, itchy scalp and I even began to lose my libido certainly not worth the risk!

Added to my thinning, unmanageable and graying hair, I always seemed to have a bad hair day no matter what treatment I applied to my hair - it just refused to cooperate! My hair was brittle, dry and unmanageable.

It took me a hellish forty-five minutes (sometimes one and a half hours) to try to style my hair in the morning, only to have it do whatever it wanted in the end! Talk about an extreme bad hair day! This constant struggle would completely mess my day up!

I am sure you can relate to this. How often have you had a bad hair day from hell? It completely ruins your day; you seem to hate the world; you feel insecure; you feel ugly; it is truly disgusting! After a few years of trying everything out there, I was still left with fine, thinning, brittle, uncontrollable hair.

In desperation I quit seeing my hairstylist and resorted to tying my hair up in a bun. I tried desperately to hide my terrible hair.

I did that for 2 years! And the more I did that, the worse my hair became. I was beginning to look old, and it hit me hard one day when I came across a cousin I had not seen for awhile who asked me if I was sick - apparently because my hair had aged at least 10 years! I lost it inside! That was the last straw! But I still did not know what to do until fortune smiled upon me! 

Here is how I discovered the secret to longer, thicker, healthier, shinier and more manageable hair

One hot July day while visiting India on a business trip, I stumbled across the south Brahmi women. These women are known in India for having the longest, most beautiful hair in the world! So much so, they were even nominated into the Guinness Book of World Records (1998)! It blew my mind when I found out how they were able to achieve this stunning, beautiful hair even in the scalding 110 degree heat and 90% relative humidity! Even the older generation women had ultra thick, silky, manageable hair without a hint of grey or thinning!

The Hair Growing Secrets for Women Finally Revealed!

I am no scientist, but from experience as a woman I would expect with that kind of hostile environment that women would automatically have frizzy, damaged and uncontrollable hair. And we certainly wouldn' t expect to grow hair fast in those conditions

But these women had hair that averaged an enviable 4-5 feet in length, with no split ends, no frizz, no knots, no graying, and no thinning - just ultra smooth, shinny, flowing, silky and thick hair. They had hair so manageable and healthy they never had to brush it for longer than 5 minutes!
Gorgeous, Heavenly Hair
What was their secret? I went berserk; I had to know. I wanted long, thick, youthful hair; I wanted silky hair, hair that did not age prematurely. I wanted hair as beautiful and gorgeous as theirs. And now that I had found a potential secret, I went after it like a hungry shark on a feeding frenzy!

So being the inquisitive person I was, I actually went to the village where it all began some 5,000 years ago - a small remote village 14,000 feet above sea level, in a place so remote in the Southern part of India that there were no cars or even roads to get there.

But I was determined, and I researched and found the answer! I found out that the Indian medicine men had discovered a hair tonic that contained a very rare and powerful herbal oil and had preserved these findings in 5,000 year old wooden parchments (that were housed in a 5,000 year old golden temple). It was a time proven science, and it was truly unbelievable what this magic hair oil could do!
Grow thick, long, ultra manageable hair super fast! Let me explain how this magical hair oil really works

You see, the hair on your head is dead! What might surprise you is that at any one time your hair is under 3 stages of growth - the anagen, catagen and telogen phases. The anagen phase is where all the growth of your hair takes place. At any one time with healthy hair 88% of your hair is in the anagen phase. However, if you hair is like mine, and like most other women, your hair is not growing anywhere close to the normal 88%. In fact, you are probably only experiencing about 20% of the natural hair growth you should be - that is why you can' t grow healthy, thicker and more manageable hair!

You see, the reason your hair is not in the anagen phase is due to three main issues. First, you have an abundance of DHT in your scalp. DHT is a male hormone that stops hair growth by choking your hair follicles at the roots so they get thinner and eventually die and fall out. Second, you don' t have the right circulation of blood to feed your growing hair follicles. And finally, your hair follicles are being plugged and clogged at the surface. Commercial drug store shampoos, hair care treatments and conditioners contain a large concentration of petroleum and toxins that can build up on your scalp and clog your hair follicles! The result is fast thinning and graying of your hair and hair that absolutely refuses to grow!

"You Are Using Hair Poison!"

Don't believe me? Take a look at the label of any hair style product you have in your shower and ask yourself if you would ever eat it! But that is exactly what you are doing when you use these chemical products; you are poisoning your scalp and blood by applying that garbage onto your hair and scalp!
But not with this magic hair oil I discovered because it contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients that have a time tested, 5,000 year old track record of growing more hair safely and naturally super fast.

Here is how this magic hair oil works:

This hot new hair oil seeps naturally and safely into your scalp, where it detoxifies the blood, exfoliates the pores of your scalp, and stops DHT from being produced - thereby allowing super fast hair growth. No other hair care product does this safely, naturally or as quickly. In fact, other well-known hair systems contain harmful chemical drugs and toxins that give you temporary hair growth but at the cost of you later experiencing chronic and permanent hair loss, together with a host of other horrible side effects like birth defects, itchy scalp, scalp irritations and a loss of libido!
It's Also Ideal for You if You Have Bad Hair Days Or Dull, Life-Less, Brittle, Knotty And Unmanageable Hair!

You"ll love what this miracle hair oil does to prevent you from ever having a bad hair day. You see, conditioning agents and styling products can build up on the hair and eventually cause your hair to feel heavy and limp - this causes the dreaded bad hair day! The ingredients in this amazing hair oil remove this accumulation of toxic dirt and build up! Plus its ingredients have a low PH level, which allows the oil to neutralize any hard water you may use , making sure you never have a bad hair day ever again!
It does all that and more . And we call this hair oil exactly what the women call it 

Mira - The Secret of Longer, Thicker and Flowing Hair

There is nothing quite like it out there. In fact, this new discovery makes harmful hair growth formulas like Rogaine and Nioxin literally obsolete. With Mira everything is natural and organic, and it has zero side effects!
Your Hair Will Not Only Look Great, It Will Smell Great All the Time - No Matter How Harsh the Environment
And the greatest part is that this herbal hair oil comes in a natural, flowery, refreshing, sweet smell - so sweet and yet so subtle that you won"t need to wear perfume. There are no added, artificial fragrances or ingredients. It is all natural and organic.
But Mira hair oil does more for your hair

Just take a look at what just 3 of the 15 SECRET, natural and powerful herbs will do for your hair!

Secret Ingredient 1
- This makes hair grow faster
It is known in theWorld as the miracle fruit. 5,000 year old myth states that it was the nectar of the gods because of the way it magically made hair grow thicker, stronger and more manageable. Hundreds of studies have proven this ultra powerful herb to:
• be a powerful antifungal; this oil is study-proven to completely eliminate dandruff and psoriasis. In a recent study, 64% of women who had psoriasis on their scalp were cured in just 2 weeks!

• instantly penetrate the cuticle and fill it out so that you will never get hair that is frizzy and out of control!

• moisturize and hydrate hair, which adds volume and more lift to your hair without excessive use of expensive hair products!

• volumize hair naturally, adding body and hold to any hair style without excessive expensive chemical hair treatments!

• restore total shine and manageability, without chemicals, leaving hair soft and renewed!

• provide nourishment to hair roots, improve blood circulation in the scalp, and instantly stop premature graying and hair loss! You will get the soft, silky, healthy and youthful hair you' ve always wanted!

Secret Ingredient 2 

An herb that is derived from a northern Indian herb that only grows in the Brahimi plateau some 14,000 feet above sea level! It also takes 5 years to mature, which explains why the natives value this magic hair growth herb more than gold! Maharajas (Indian kings) had exclusive rights over this herb for over 5,000 years because of its undeniable ability to grow and retain youthful, vibrant, more manageable hair!

And it does miracles for hair, such as:
• returns the scalp' s natural oil production (sebum) to normal so that you can have beautiful, manageable hair. (Say goodbye to bad hair days forever!)
• gives fullness to fine hair and prevents dandruff and hair loss. (Get gorgeous, lustrous hair with bounce!)

• strips your hair of dirt and debris, thereby leaving your hair softer and more manageable. (You will never have to deal with messy, out of place hair again!)

• stops the growth of bacteria and fungus on your scalp. (The result is beautiful, flawless hair that smells lovely and refreshing all day long!)

• acts as a powerful detangler and leave in conditioner, so you don' t have to brush your hair when wet and damage it. (It makes coarse hair shiny and gives fine hair plenty of bounce!)

• provides exceptional shine and damage protection for your hair.

• enriches the natural color of your hair without damaging the structure. (So you will never experience damaged or frizzy hair!)

Secret Ingredient 3
Considered by the south Brahimi women to be a precious gift from the gods, it has the highest vitamin C content known to man. A single bud of this plant has 100 times more vitamin C than a grapefruit! It not only detoxifies the blood in your scalp, it also stimulates hair growth while enriching the thickness of your hair! The oil of this fruit has the richness of 15 super powerful nutrients and vitamins that have been traditionally acclaimed for their beneficial effects of giving you long, lustrous, healthy hair.

It has the following hair benefits:

• gives you silky, run-your-fingers-through feel and texture also tames flyaway hair! (Get all day frizz control!)

• reverses the effects of aging on the skin and scalp. (Blast away graying and signs of an aging scalp!)

• uses an ultra powerful natural moisturizer to lock just the right amount of moisturizer into your hair, which instantly stops humidity from zapping the volume and flattening your hairdo. (You will never struggle with getting or keeping volume in your hair ever again!)
• nourishes your hair instantly increasing its elasticity and shine. (Experience 93.4% less damage in just 2 weeks of use!)

• supplies a host of anti-oxidants like vitamin A, D, E and K that encourage the growth of healthy, thicker and glossier hair. (Protects your hair from radical, environmental damage!)

• increases the volume, thickness and length of your hair. (Pumps up strands of fine hair without weighing them down!)

• strengthens your hair roots and promotes long, luxurious and healthy hair growth.

• protects your hair against harmful, hot blow drying, the sun and other harsh elements, and it will actually condition and beautify your hair in the process. the

And that' s just 3 of the 15 natural ingredients that work magic on your hair!
 These herbs will also help you get faster hair growth.
The bottom line is that this amazing hair oil works! Here' s what women are saying:
"I use the combination as a shine serum, just enough to coat my dry hair. It smells like sweet flowers and then the smell fades leaving a fresh smell on your hair all day! After just 2 treatments my hair is very soft, shiny and manageable. I have grown 1.98 inches of hair in a month! I haven't used another product that worked as well as this. Hope this helps funny thing is I have also found that my other inferior drugstore hair products work even better when I first coat my hair with this oil."

- Jane Virion - Toronto , Canada

And another review on Miira hair oil and how it helps hair growth

“This product is the ONLY thing that saved my hair. I tried everything from getting a curly perm to stripping the color. I used coconut oil, frequent trims, keratin treatments and NOTHING worked. My hair still kept breaking and splitting like clockwork. Then I started using Mira, with just 3 treatments my hair was completely transformed! Mira has put new life into my hair. This product is very powerful, and you can see results after the first few treatments!”

- Kristen Lunds - Tampa , Florida

And it is so easy to use! All you have to do is take a few dabs and apply them onto your scalp and the roots of your hair. Then you can either leave it on overnight or wear it throughout the day. (It even works as a mild gel to hold your hair in place while it works - so you can wear the oil to work unnoticed.) Then simply wash your hair like you would normally. There' s no hassle and no waiting period!

"You' ll instantly have thicker, bouncier and more manageable hair!"

All it takes for maximum results is just one application 2-3 times a week!

In as little as two weeks you will start seeing your hair become longer, thicker, more manageable, healthier, and younger with more volume and body! You will absolutely love your hair and the extra attention it will bring you!
"Plus You Will Get Healthy Natural Growth On Your Hair in As Little As 3 Weeks!"
The results for me in just 3 weeks: My hair loss and thinning stopped! I gained 2.01 inches on my hair - that' s more growth than I experienced in the last 2 years! I feel alive; I can finally wear my hair down. I look good; I feel good, and I have great self-confidence. I can try different hairstyles and cuts without fear because my hair grows quickly in case I don' t like the style. I have no need for hair extensions, and I even stopped using hairspray and hot oils because my hair is actually manageable. It has more volume, more lift, more bounce, and it feels like silk!

I get comments from strangers and co-workers asking me: "What do you do to your hair? You have lovely hair, what' s your secret? And my new boyfriend says that he loves running his fingers through my hair (something that was impossible before without significant tangles and pain). Even my hairstylist cannot believe his eyes; he wants to know my secret because he has never seen such a dramatic hair transformation in his entire 20 year career!

Mira has completely changed my life and I want to share it! I realize that 60% of all women hate their hair. You might be one of them. Your hair is either too short, too thin, too flat, too limp, too frizzy, too dry Well all the frustration with your hair ends today with the amazing new Mira hair oil!

Here' s What You Can Expect from Mira Oil in As Little As Two Weeks: 

You will get longer, thicker and more voluminous hair that will get you noticed. (Even your family will notice how much thicker and longer your hair is!)
You will be able to wear any hairstyle you want. (Because your hair grows at a super fast rate - 2-3 inches a month - you can change your hairstyle as often as you want without fear or hesitation!)
No matter how fine or dry your hair is now, you will get the same superstar volume and shine that you get from a visit to a salon. (Except this time it will be permanent!)
People will ask, "what do you do to get such great looking hair?" (Men and women will turn their heads and give you double takes to admire your new found beautiful hair!)
You will look years younger. (Long, thick, vibrant hair makes you look years younger instantly!)
You will look and feel sexy, and your self-confidence will skyrocket off the charts. (Expect people at work to pay more attention to you and take you more seriously with your new found self-confidence!)
You will attract more men and get more dates without even trying.
You will feel good and confident about yourself. And because you' ll never have a bad hair day, you will never have a bad day at work or at home. (The day goes smoother when your hair cooperates with you!)

Men will compliment and admire you. (You will instantly look 10 years younger than your calendar age with longer, beautiful, flowing, non-graying hair!)
You will have hair that will never frizz or become brittle. (You will never have to struggle with your hair ever again; it will do exactly what you want!)
Co-workers and family will make admiring comments on how wonderful and stunning your hair looks.
You will no longer need to visit the salon to get "salon style" hair. (All you need to do is wash and dry you hair, and you can style it any way you want with ease!)

What you have read here is an overview of what I believe is the safest, most potently effective blend of all natural, organic herbs known for over 5,000 years in India to grow longer, thicker, silkier, voluminous and more manageable hair. You have to try it first-hand, without risk, to see for yourself how effective it is!
And you don' t even have to take any financial risk to test this amazing hair oil! It' s easy for you to try this newly discovered, 5,000 year old,amazing new hair oil for yourself without risking a single dime of your money! With a

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here is how it works:
 Try this amazing hair oil for yourself. If you are not completely convinced that this amazing hair oil is everything I' ve said it is after trying it for a full 60 days, then simply return the rest of the bottle and immediately receive a personal check for the purchase price!

I completely trust in this product and believe that after you have tried it and experienced the same results as hundreds of other women who have already tried Mira hair oil, you will find that you won' t need a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

And why would you? Just imagine how easy it will be to try different hairstyles without fear imagine how much time you will save by being able to style your hair any way you want without experiencing a bad hair day ever again! Once you try it, you will want to secure an unlimited supply!

Here is the deal: 
Because of the rarity of these herbs and because they cannot be mass-produced - we can only make Mira hair oil in batches of 500 units! A unit is a single bottle. We are not advertising in any magazines, or on the radio or television! The only people who will find out about Mira hair oil are women like you!

I am 100% confident that Mira works! It's the real deal!

So, if you are remotely interested in trying this amazing hair oil, you must order right now because 500 units won't last long! 

The current batch is selling out, and when it' s out you will have to wait a month for the next batch! A month wait time is not a guarantee either because Mira Hair Oil Club Members are serviced first out of the available units!

Here is how to order: For the fastest possible service, take out your credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex or Diners) and click the "buy now" button below.

That' s all there is to it! As soon as your order is received, your Mira hair oil kit will be sent to you by USPS first-class mail! The price of a 60 day supply is just $69.99 (plus $20 shipping and handling). It is an absolute steal when you consider how expensive hair treatments are! That is about a dollar a day for truly stunning hair! 
60 days is plenty of time to try it out. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose with a money back guarantee if Mira hair oil is not for you!

Let' s face it, if you were to go to a salon right now and ask for all the rejuvenating effects that Mira can deliver, you could expect to spend at least $120, and the effects would only be temporary! Even putting extensions on your hair will take hours and cost hundreds of dollars. Mira is just $69.99 AND after a single 2 minute application, you will instantly get longer, thicker, bouncier, silkier and more manageable hair, which will be permanent and 100% natural!

But There Is More
If you are one of the first 500 to join Mira Hair Club, you will also receive a FREE, powerful, herbal shampoo used by the women to quickly achieve even healthier, more manageable hair after the use of Mira hair oil.

Why You Will Love Out Herbal Shampoo

Our herbal shampoos contain powerful herbs that condition, clean and help grow healthy hair. Think of it as a "mini hair treatment" that you use after you use Mira hair oil. This herbal shampoo does not strip away natural oils; it actually fortifies and protects them. And because we use so many herbs in it, the shampoo helps grow healthy and thick hair. Use Mira hair shampoos and you are guaranteed softer, longer, thicker, healthier hair!
Many individuals who use Mira hair shampoo are amazed to see how fast it strengthens hair roots and helps prevent hair fall that they become hooked on it. In fact when you pour the shampoo into your palms you will see an abundance of herbs that both condition and help grow hair
You will never use another commercial shampoo ever again after using this amazing herbal, totally organic, shampoo! This shampoo is sold separately at $49.99 for a 100 ml bottle. Yes, it is pricey, but that' s because the luxurious ingredients cannot be mass-produced. But if you are one of the first 500 Mira Hair Club Members, you' ll receive a bottle absolutely FREE! 

You get this amazing Mira shampoo for free, but only if you are among the first 500 to order! If you are customer number 501, you will not receive this special gift, so please act now!
$39.99 Free Gift to You Just for Trying This Amazing New Hair Oil

And if you decide to return the hair oil...you get to keep the amazing herbal shampoo for free! That' s a $39.99 value absolutely FREE! It is our way of saying thank you for trying Mira hair oil.

Again, to get your supply all you need to do is click the "buy now" button below
But hurry, you can imagine the huge response we have already received from announcing Mira hair oil. If you are serious about getting longer, more beautiful hair, as fast and safely as possible you need to see what all this fuss is about! It will be the most amazing hair growth experience of your life-ACT NOW!
Sincerely yours -

---- Eva ----

Mira hair oil gives longer, silkier, more manageable hair to all hair types fine, curly, kinky - all without any corrosive effect.

Please don' t confuse Mira hair oil for hot oil! Hot oils are hot, messy, corrosive and can be harmful to your hair and scalp! With Mira hair oil, there is no heating required and each hair strand is softened, and its roots are rejuvenated! It does not burn or damage your hair. You can leave it on all day long, and it will give you hair that is manageable and frizz free. (This product prevents the women from getting frizzy hair even in the 140 degree heat!)
If you order now you will receive a free membership to the Mira Hair Oil Club! I told you previously that only 500 lucky women will be accepted into the Mira Hair Oil Club. Why?

Because supplies are limited and there is a large demand for Mira. We formed a club, where 500 lucky women will get the exclusive right to receive a fresh supply of Mira hair oil (plus any bonuses attached on the main page) every 60 days, before anyone else!

Order now by using the "buy now" button below.

P.S. As a special bonus if you are one of the first 500 people to try Mira Hair oil Risk Free, you will receive free membership into your preferred Customer Club where you will receive a $20 discount off every future bottle of Mira hair oil. In addition so that you do not go a day without using Mira hair oil, you will automatically receive a new 60 day supply every 2 months and we will bill you just $49.99 ($50 OFF the retail price). Trust me after a week of using Mira hair oil you will not want to live a day without this hair care product.  Tens of thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. It is why Mira hair oil is the top selling hair growth products out there. 
There is absolutely no minimum to buy and you can cancel at any time and immediately by simply clicking a link in your PayPal email receipt after you make a purchase. You can cancel at will and do not have to contact us to do so. The power to cancel is in your hands. So you've got nothing to lose and beautiful, longer, thicker more manageable hair to gain when you order now. Mira hair oil will grow hair faster. It will give you the self-confidence you deserve; it will give you healthy and beautiful hair. You deserve to be feel good about your hair and yourself. Get Mira hair oil now by clicking the link below. Get your Mira hair oil now before precious supplies run out…supplies are limited due it’s rare , time consuming and expensive extraction process. Remember –it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Order now by using the order button below

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