Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foods that improve your Sexual Health

The food we eat plays a significant role in improving sexual health. Some of the food can help you to increase testosterone levels for increasing libido (sexual desire) while the other are helpful in attracting the opposite sex.

Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds are one of the few foods that are rich source of zinc, a vital component for production of testosterone in men. Besides this pumpkin seeds are also vital for overall sexual health as they also contain omega-3 fatty acids.


High level of allicin present in garlic increases direct blood flow to the sexual organs. It is good for sexual health for both men and women. Garlic can be consumed with the regular meals.


Avocado is helpful in increasing libido in both men as well as women. It increases male sexual desire by increasing testosterone level and in women it works by regulating the thyroid gland.
Avocado enhances body’s sexual energy and is a rich source of folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6 (important for hormone regulation).


Best vegetable for men’s sexual health. Raw celery is good for attracting women as they contain a natural hormone called ‘androsterone’ that is released through perspiration. A few pieces of aw celery can lead to stimulation of sex drive in women.

Dark chocolate

The antioxidants in dark chocolate enhances libido in both men and women.

Bee pollen

Similar to its natural role of fertilizing, bee pollen increases fertility in humans as well. They work by boosting the sperm count. Being rich in zinc and antioxidants it is a natural libido booster, especially for men.

Goji berries

Juice of goji berries is very effective in improving fertility as well as sexual health. Also known as ‘strong sexual tonic’ it also increase testosterone levels and stimulates libido. Moreover it is also helpful in improving on vital that are meant for optimum sexual health for example-stamina, mood and wellbeing of the person.


Bromelain, an important enzyme for sexual health is found in abundant in banana. Since bananas are rich in vitamin B they can also help your body in developing the sexual hormones.


Maca plays significant role in alleviating impotency. It is beneficial for sexual health of men by increasing testosterone level and sperm count. In women it increases the frequency of sexual desire.

Other foods

Asparagus, chillies, basil and figs are the other important food for improving overall sexual health. The food such as mangoes, strawberries and peaches are healthy eating options in more ways than one. They increase libido in both the sexes.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Triphala : The fruitfull medicine

There are many interesting medicinal herbs used in ayurveda to help improve our health.  One such herb is Triphala.
It really consist of three herbs.  These are Amalaki, Haritaki and Bhibitaki.  Botanical Names: Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellerica, Emblica Officialis.  Image source.
Haritaki or Harada is bitter tasting and best known for its laxative qualities as well as being an astringent and antispasmodic.  The herbs are considered one of the safest to use as it is non habit-forming and safe for people of all ages.
Amla very high in vitamin C and is sour tasting.  The combination of all these herbs are also good for dealing with indigestion and stomach ulcers.  As it supports healthy digestion and gastro intestinal function.
Other benefits of Triphala include help with detoxifying the liver by removing toxins.  It is purifies the blood and cleanse the colon.
Triphala is also good for improving visions and the eye muscle.  It also very popular in India and taken as food supplements. Some say it may be taken daily as an eyewash as this helps strengthens the vision. Also eliminating redness and soreness in the eye area.
Triphala can also help maintain the proper levels of the cholesterol and curbing the formation of bad cholesterol.
I think I am ready to give this interesting herb a try very soon. It will also help build up your immunity, especially with the cold and flu season coming up soon.
Besides all the other stated benefit, it can also help improve your skin from the inside out.